A deep fried snickers bar

The Calories in Popular State Fair Foods

After a certain age, the ferris wheel tends to lose its appeal, but the food at the state fair never gets old. However, it might be wise to bear in mind the ungodly calorie counts all that good stuff has.

A group experiencing mass psychogenic illness

The 5 Craziest Cases of Mass Psychogenic Illness

While its causes may be social, mass psychogenic illness is a real and potentially dangerous thing. We take a look at some of the most famous cases throughout history.

A home remedy

10 Home Remedies to Avoid at All Costs

Not all home remedies are worth trying. Here's a look at some of the most dangerous ones.

Woman researching online business schools

10 Best Online Business Schools in the US

Whether you’re seeking a post-graduate or a bachelor’s degree, you can have access to the best programs in the country, no matter where you live. If you're going back to school, you can't go wrong with one of these 10 universities.

Man working on a home computer that says startup on the screen

10 Startups that Made It Big

Do you have big startup dreams? It's easy to feel like your idea is just a little too "out there." That is, until you remember that there was a time when PayPal sounded insane.

Pink walled studio apartment

15 Cheap Hacks to Make Your Small Space Feel Bigger

The line between “cozy” and “uncomfortable” is defined in square footage—and how you make the most of it.

What your boss says vs what your boss really means

What Your Boss Says vs. What Your Boss Really Means

In many facets of our society, we feel the need dance around the truth, normally to spare someone’s feelings - and the workplace is no exception. Here’s a cheat sheet to help you read between the lines.

An assassin aims at his target

Socially Unacceptable Jobs That Pay Surprisingly Well

Just because your dreams take you outside the realm of the normally accepted scope of employment, doesn’t mean you can’t make a pretty decent living all the same. Check out these jobs that not only pay pretty well, but definitely aren’t your run of-the-mill career choice.

Two coworkers have a staring contest

How to Deal With Annoying Co-Workers

Working with people who drive you nuts can make your job miserable, and sometimes their behavior gets to the point where walking straight out the door becomes a more tempting option by the day. Here are a few ways to deal with the negativity in a more positive way.

The TripAdvisor reviews for this hotel are so bad they are funny.

10 Hilariously Bad TripAdvisor Reviews

To say these travelers were upset with their stays would be an understatement, but at least some of them had a sense of humor about it. Put your experiences into perspective by reading through some of the worst reviews ever submitted to TripAdvisor.

Finca Bellavista is the perfect sustainable getaway by offering housing in a treehouse.

12 Tree House Hotels and Rentals

Whether you're trying to capture that feeling of childhood wonder, looking for a great view and an unusual trip, or just a really big fan of Return of the Jedi, staying in a treehouse is a fun, unique way to spend a vacation.

Taking a stroll through Sydney is a great way to experience some of the best graffiti in the world.

10 Destinations for Graffiti Fans

Artists like Shepard Fairey and Banksy have turned outsider art into a lucrative business (for better or worse), and you can feel the effect of that worldwide. These 10 locations show street art at its most vibrant.

Woman smiling as she camps during the fall season

7 Reasons You Should Go Camping in the Fall

Everyone wants to go camping during the summer season, but camping in the fall offers some major perks. In addition to cooler temps, you can enjoy various wildlife, breathtaking scenery, and a campsite free of bugs.

A group of friends keeping warm by a fire

Keep Toasty: Tips for Staying Warm When Camping in the Fall

The cool fall weather makes for the perfect opportunity to spend some time in the great outdoors as long as you're prepared. Stay warm during your trip by packing enough layers and bringing a heater for your tent.

Woman showing off her stylish fall hat

Fall's Hottest Hats and Handbags

Is your hair a little dirty? Do you have a ton of stuff to carry around all day? Try these popular hat and purse styles to not only solve your problem, but make every single outfit look runway chic. It's a win-win.

Backpack filled with notebooks and other school supplies

5 Ways We Can Fix Our Failing Schools

When Britain’s Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) released their global education rankings earlier this year, the United States came in 29th among developed nations. So what can we do to fix our failing schools?

Wikipedia home page

5 Acceptable Ways to Use Wikipedia

Wikipedia gets its fair share of backlash and eye rolling, but it can be a useful way to get an overview of a topic. Here are some ways you can use Wikipedia to your advantage, while avoiding some of the pitfalls that give it its questionable reputation.

Young students walk home after school in their matching school uniforms

Pros and Cons of School Uniforms

For many decades now, the debate over uniforms in schools has raged on. With compelling points being made on both sides, it’s easy to see why there’s so much tension surrounding the topic. Here's a list of the pros and cons.

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