plate of fruit healthy food

23 Diabetic Food Swaps to Lower Blood Sugar

Eating a diabetic food plan can be tough, especially since most people list what's off limits. We have a list of 23 things that can cause blood sugar spikes, but we also list foods to replace it with to avoid those spikes.

common medications that can be bad for you in the long term

22 Common Medications That Can Be Bad Long-Term

Don't just assume medicines are good. These common medications aren't.

30 Dangerous Prescription Medicines

30 Risky Prescription Medicines

There are so many questions we don't ask about our medicine, but not asking those questions could have serious consequences. These are some meds that weren't so great for patients.

wedding rings sitting on money

10 Easily Forgettable Wedding Costs That Really Add Up

It's easy to forget how much a wedding can actually cost. The dress is expensive, but these 10 things can make a wedding double (or triple) in price!

A retired couple is standing on the beach with glasses of champagne

25 Best Places to Retire on a Budget

Ready to retire? It can be fun, and even smart, to move to a new town when retiring. We picked 25 cities where someone can live comfortably even on a budget.

Woman authenticating a hundred dollar bill with a marker and magnifying glass

20 Con Men You Can't Help Admiring

To be successful, a con man has to be charming, or at the very least, daring. As a result, some of the very best con men history has to offer are nuanced, and immensely likable figures.

Man smiles creepily

20 High-Paying Jobs That Don't Require a College Degree

College isn’t for everyone, and that’s perfectly fine. There are plenty of high-paying jobs out there that don’t require a college degree, and these are 20 of them.

Grumpy Cat and Lil Bub meet for the first time

10 Insta-Famous Kitties Making Their Owners Rich

Cats are furry, cuddly, and completely adorable, and they can make a lot of money. All it takes is the right cat and the right photo-taking skills.

A wide variety of jobs will see less human workers and more robots as AI technology continues to advance.

30 Jobs That AI Will Inevitably Replace

Artificial intelligence technology has been reshaping the way the world works, including who makes up the labor force. It's surprising how many jobs AI is taking over, but what else is on the chopping block?

Poorest City in Every State

Here are the poorest city in every state.

Thailand is great for discovery and exploration, plus it has cheap flights during early November.

Affordable International Journeys for Twentysomethings

Whether you're hoping to "find yourself," taking a gap year, or just wanting to escape, there's no better time to travel abroad than in your twenties. If you plan your trip at the right time, you won't have to blow through all of your savings.

The Poorest City in Every State

Here are the poorest city in every state, sorted by population.

Delicious cups of coffee can be made with your at-home coffee bar!

20 Things Every Coffee Addict Needs for Their Coffee Bar

Caffeine addict? These are 20 things that any coffee connoisseur should have in their at-home coffee bar.

A celebrity Photoshop fail

11 Sneaky Celebrities Who Need to Get Better at Photoshop

Celebrities who embrace what nature gave them are admired, but if fans find out that they've been Photoshopped, it is not pretty. These 11 celebrities should probably take a few Photoshop lessons before posting again!

Tiger Woods

10 Reasons Tiger Woods Will Catch Jack Nicklaus (and 10 Reasons He Might Not)

With Tiger Woods winning the 2019 Masters, the golf world is abuzz about whether or not Tiger will catch the great Jack Nicklaus and his record of 18 major championship wins.

Woman getting her environmental engineering degree conducting research.

Top 5 Environmental Engineering Degree Programs

You might have given thought to becoming an environmental engineer before. You get to participate in research, improve building methods to be more environmentally-safe, and help save the planet in real, tangible ways. If this sounds like something you'd enjoy, keep reading to learn about the top five degree programs out there to get your BS in environmental engineering.

Woman gets her online Digital Marketing degree.

Top 5 Digital Marketing Degree Programs

Digital marketing degrees are in high demand for today's technology-driven world. Getting a degree in this field can make you a highly valuable asset for companies looking to advertise in more effective ways.

close up of a laptop with someone typing

Should You Get an Online Finance Degree?

There are a lot of decisions to be made when it comes to getting any degree, but adding in the factor of attaining a finance degree online can add a whole slew of other things to take into consideration. So, here are five things to think about before deciding to get an online finance degree.

a collage of five classic american cars

The Best American-Made Cars of All Time

"Made in America" is important, especially when it comes to auto manufacturing. These car models left an indelible mark upon the auto industry thanks to their groundbreaking design.

a 2019 jeep grand cherokee

Which 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee Is Right for You?

There are a staggering 12 different Jeep Grand Cherokees out there for 2019. We'll help you navigate through the literal dozens of options.

the interior of a new 2019 toyota rav4

Which 2019 Toyota RAV4 Is Right for You?

The 2019 Toyota RAV4 puts on a fresh face following a complete redesign. It's sportier, more rugged, and a more competitive offering than in previous years.